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SCT-20 Mobile Solar Generator with Light Towers

SCT-20 Mobile Solar Generator with Light Towers


The SCT20 Mobile Solar Generator with Light Towers is a complete off-grid power and lighting solution. Mobility, high capacity, and quick setup make the SCT20 ideal for construction sites, events, and emergency situations.

CleanAir SCT20 Spec Sheet



Lighting:97,520 total lumens from eight high-efficiency CREE LED lamps Suitable for lighting an area of 1 to 2 acresLight Support:Two 26’6” retractable towers, individual lamps are fully adjustable
Light Timers:7 day programmable timer for each light towerAC Power Output:Four 120VAC, 20Amp GFCI outlets
Two 240VAC, 50Amp CS6963 outlets (compatible with CS6965C plug)
Solar Array:2,400 total watts*Storage Battery Type:GNB Industrial flooded lead acid
Total Energy Storage:48 kWhInverter Output:41.7A max continuous output / 180A surge for 60ms
Auxiliary Generator:10 kVA Kubota GL11000 with 100 gallon diesel fuel cell
*Solar performance is dependent on available sunshine, ambient temperature, and additional factors

Weight: 4533 kG / 9994 lbs.