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Testo 350 EasyEmission Software

Testo 350 EasyEmission Software



Testo 350 EasyEmission Software


Testo 350 EasyEmission Software:

  • Software “easyEmission” for testo 350 (for multi analyzer simultaneous testing), incl. Testo databus controller with USB connection cable instrument-PC, cable for Testo databus and terminal plug
  • Manufacture Part Number: 0554 3336

If, for example, several testo 350 S/ XL flue gas analyzers are connected to the Testo data bus, they can each be controlled and read out on your PC. In this way, a faster measurement cycle (<5 s) can be set for each flue gas analyzer than with the RS232 cable. Note: Does not include the Testo 350 Analyzer. Request a quote today.

Part Number
0554 3336
Testo 350 EasyEmission Software

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