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CleanAir Unheated PTFE Sample Line

CleanAir Unheated PTFE Sample Line



Unheated PTFE Sample Cold Line

  • Cold Line Material: PTFE Tubing
  • Temperature Rating of PTFE: ~500F
  • Flexible Weave Material: Flexible Nylon Braided
  • 1/4″ Color Options: W: Natural (White) C: 4 Different Colors

Clean Air Express offers an unheated PTFE sample line for CEM testing.  It can be used with our Dilution Control Panel or for any cold line application.  The tubing in cold line is constructed of PTFE Tubing.  PTFE ® PTFE tubing is flexible tubing that is resistant to crimping and blockage. This is the preferred PTFE tubing for emissions measurement below 500F.  The umbilical is a assembled in a flexible weave with the choice of how many 1/4″ and 3/8″ PTFE lines.

Part Number
0350-Length-1/4″ Qty/Color- 3/8″ Qty (0350-100-3W-1)
100 Ft. Unheatd PTFE Sample Cold line with 3 @ 1/4″ White PTFE lines and 1 @ 3/8″ PTFE line

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