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FLIR Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras

FLIR Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras

Your Rental Resource for FLIR Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras

Since 1972, CleanAir Engineering has been a global leader in the air quality industry. We have a long tradition of resource management, and a passionate commitment to protecting our environment. Our focus has always been on providing the equipment and technology companies need to ensure a safer, more sustainable future.

That’s why we are proud to serve as a rental supplier of FLIR Camera Systems. FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of handheld thermal imaging infrared cameras, and no company is as committed to increasing its rental inventory than CleanAir.

CleanAir now offers FLIR cameras for a wide range of applications and industries. The FLIR family of thermal imaging and infrared cameras are designed to provide you with the imaging data you need quickly, accurately, and safely.

From detecting gas leaks and volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions to diagnosing electrical faults and measuring temperature abnormalities… FLIR cameras make the data-driven workplace a reality.

As the use of, and applications for, thermal imaging and infrared cameras continue to grow, so too does our ever-expanding rental inventory of FLIR cameras. Our service commitment to you is simple: Performance beyond Measure. For more information about the innovative technologies available from CleanAir Instrument Rental visit www.cleanair.com/rental-equipment/ or call 847-991-3300.

  • Sees even smaller leaks at a distance using premium optics
  • Delivers a 4X increase in pixels within the field of view
  • Measures temperatures up to 3500°C with ~1°C accuracy
  • Pinpoints the exact source of emissions to avoid regulatory fines
  • Improves detection with High Sensitivity Mode (HSM)
  • Quantifies losses with Q-mode and the optional QL320 system
  • Sensitivity meets the US EPA’s OOOOa methane rule
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Saves time in identifying leaks
  • Operates efficiently in hazardous locations
  • Compact, lightweight ergonomic design
  • High resolution articulating LCD screen
  • Pinpoints even small leaks from a safe distance
  • Sensitivity meets the US EPA’s OOOOa methane rule
  • Reduces revenue losses while improving regulatory compliance
  • Faster and safer gas detection
  •  Makes inspections up to 9 times faster
  • Visualizes small leaks for rapid repairs
  • Pinpoints the exact source of emissions
  • Measures temperatures with ~1°C accuracy
  • Sensitivity meets the US EPA’s OOOOa methane rule
  • Visualizes emissions in real-time for faster leak surveys
  • Provides spectral filtering for methane, nitrous oxide, and similar gases
  • Improves gas detection while reducing false negatives
  • 1800 rotating optical block and laser assisted autofocus
  • Eyepiece viewfinder for more comfortable all-day use
  • Reporting features to help organize findings in the field
  • Exceptional thermal imaging in a compact package
  • New user interface that responds like a smartphone
  • Precision HDIR optical system offers continuous autofocus
  • Crisp resolution for accurate measurements even from a distance
  • Measures temperatures 400°C to 20000°C (400°F to 36320°F)
  • Produces brilliant thermal images with up to 3.1 million pixels
  • Detects temperature differences down to <20 mK for clear, sharp results
  • High-performance thermal imaging
  • Big, brilliant new touchscreen with a 1600 viewing angle
  • Diagnoses electrical faults and finds hidden deficiencies
  • On-screen area measurement and superior image clarity
  • Built-in mic for voice annotation and report generation
  • Accurate high temperature measurement at ranges up to 15000°C (27320°F)