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Science Project “Measuring Hyperlocal PM2.5” Receives Awards at 73rd Kansas City Fair


At this year’s 73rd Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair, running from March 27th to March 31st, 2024, at the iconic Union Station in Kansas City, MO, Madeline Male, a student researcher, showcased her project titled “Measuring Hyperlocal PM2.5” in the beautiful poster-filled hall. The event buzzed with the presence of teachers, parents, peers, as well as engineers and environmental experts.

Ms. Male’s experiment sought to measure air quality around one of America’s most ubiquitous and beloved outdoor installations: the campfire. Madeline was awarded the 2nd Place Division Award in the Earth and Environmental category and received special recognition from the EPA.

CleanAir Engineering and Aeroqual were pleased to help Ms. Male with her project, supplying her with an S500 handheld particulate monitor for free.

Congratulations to Madeline and her family!

Read more! See Madeline’s abstract and conclusions.

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