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Worldwide Pollution Control Association (WPCA) Summer 2019 Technical Journal


The summer technical journal is now available and features the following articles:

The Role of CFD in Process Development, Design and Optimization

Written by Scott Miller and Claire Schmit, AECOM Process Technologies

The Real-Time Measurement of Sulfur Bearing Vaporous Compounds and Its Application for Use for Process and Environmental Control

Written by Daniel T. Menniti, Breen Energy Solutions

Maintaining and Operating an Electrostatic Precipitator in a world of cycling coal assets

Written by Jesse D. Price, Southern Environmental Inc.

EPA Re-Thinks OTM-37 for Condensable Particulate

Written by Scott Evans, Clean Air Engineering

Evaluation of SCR Operation for a Gas Conversion Project

Written by Rod Beittel, Babcock Power

Find the articles in the newsletter here.

The mission of the WPCA is to enhance technical communication through seminars, technical journals and a website. The WPCA is a non-profit organization and our members and advisors need to be motivated by a desire to see the pollution control community make world wide technical progress through improved technical communication. For more information visit www.WPCA.info

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