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WPCA Fall 2018 Technical Journal


The Fall 2018 WPCA Technical Journal is now available. The link below features the following articles:

Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System Enhancements to Operate at Low Load
By Terence Ake and Suzette Puski, Babcock Power Environmental, Inc.

It’s Time to Re-Think Flare Velocity Limits
By Scott Evans, Clean Air Engineering

SCR Catalyst Management Implications Resulting From Load Cycling and Reserve Shutdowns
By Jared Koliha, P.E. and John R. Cochran, P.E., IBIDEN CERAM Environmental, Inc.

Evaluating Technologies for Unique Trace Metals Contamination Related to Coal Pile Runoff
By Max Swoboda, Evoqua

An Historic Outline of Electrical Control Systems Used in The Process of Electrostatic Precipitation
By Paul Ford and Hank Del Gatto, REDKOH INDUSTRIES

Enhanced Low Load SCR Operation
By Christopher Bertole, Cormetech

Choosing the Right SOLUTION
By John Rennocki and Mike Allen, Parker Hannifin Corp

Link to WPCA Fall 2018 Technical Journal

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