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Methane Measurement Products

Methane Equipment for Rent

A number of sampling technologies exist for measuring methane in a variety of applications, from source/stack testing to leak detection to CEMS. As science advances and manufacturing precision improves, so does our capacity to adhere to more rigorous standards of measurement. Tighter regulations are inevitable in a future where technology is always improving.

When it comes to methane monitoring, CleanAir offers a wide range of instruments equipped with varying technologies, capable of meeting your organization’s goals efficiently and effectively. We stock hundreds of items at four technical service centers in the U.S. and Europe, including FTIR and GC equipment to OGI and FID to the latest in GSS and CRDS, we can help you collect accurate and defensible methane measurements.

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Discover Methane Product Flir OGI Cameras

Teledyne FLIR GF Series Cameras

Teledyne FLIR’s GF line of optical gas imaging (OGI), infrared cameras are methane detection-capable. Fit for EPA Standards monitoring applications, relatively minor differences between each model allow you to tailor your rental to your needs: GF320 with swappable magnification lenses, GFX320 intrinsically safe, GF620 high-resolution, and the uncooled GF77 offers spectral filtering with swappable lenses, a rotating optical block, and more. When paired with an optional QL320 module, Flir cameras can quantify mass emission rates, volumetric rates, and concentrations.

Discover Methane Products LDARTools PHX42


The PHX42 from LDARTools is a dictionary-sized FID analyzer similar in some ways to the industry-leading TVA 2020. The biggest difference is the PHX42 is capable of 0-100,000 ppm methane measurements and is smaller. Bluetooth enabled, continuous monitoring with external power and H2, and features easily-swappable pumps and filters, quick H2 refills, and half the warm-up time of the TVA. The PHX42 is also intrinsically safe.

Discover Methane Products Picarro G4302

Picarro GasScouter G4302

The Picarro GasScouter G4302 is a first of its kind CRDS-based backpack methane/ethane monitor, capable of methane measurement from 1–800 ppm in methane-only mode. Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) enables an effective measurement path length of up to 20 kilometers in a compact cavity, resulting in improved precision and sensitivity.

Discover Methane Products TVA2020

Thermo Fisher TVA2020

The Thermo-Fisher Scientific TVA2020 is an intrinsically safe (IS) dual FID/PID-based analyzer with bluetooth in an over-the-shoulder form factor. Compliant with U.S. EPA Method 21 monitoring, CleanAir’s pre-equipped FID (flame ionization detector)-option rental units measure 1.0 to 50,000 ppm methane. Bluetooth communication allows for the streaming of concentration data to a handheld device containing an LDAR software database.  Rentals include an extra hydrogen tank.

Discover Methane Products Aeroqual S500-MT

Aeroqual 500 Portable Monitor

The Aeroqual S500 with SH-MT Sensor is a handheld fan-sampling GSS-based monitor capable of measuring ambient levels of methane 0-10,000 ppm. The unit’s gas sensing semiconductor (GSS) technology utilizes an electrically-charged semiconductor where gas molecules directly interact with the sensing material, allowing measurement based on transduction. Or, purchase a sensor head separately.

Discover Methane Products Thermo 55i

CEMS Equipment

In addition to ambient and leak detection-type equipment, CleanAir offers for rent a full range of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and equipment for methane source/stack testing and fixed ambient methane applications. Available equipment includes the Thermo 55i, a rack-mount FID capable of ambient-level THC detection, the MKS MultiGas 2030 FTIR, and a range of FID products, including analyzer products from California Analytical, JUM Engineering, and Vig Industries.