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ECOM EN2 Portable Gas Analyzer

The ECOM EN2 is a compact portable combustion analyzer, offering features found on larger, more expensive units. Housed in a rugged aluminum frame and hard-side case, the EN2 measures up to 4 gases, from O2, CO, NO, NO2, plus probes for temperature and stack draft / pressure. The EN2 Also calculates CO2, efficiency and excess air. A strong, internal pump and peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate drain ensures proper sample conditioning, leading to better accuracy and longer sensor life. An on board printer, SD Memory Card and wireless Bluetooth are standard features. Common applications for the EN2 include set-up, maintenance and emission monitoring of natural gas, diesel, and oil fired boilers, burners, and reciprocating engines. The compact size, simple operation, and long battery life (6-8 hours) make the EN2 a perfect tool for field technicians.

The ECOM EN2 is a compact portable combustion analyzer, offering features found on larger, more expensive units.
Part Number

ECOM EN2 Standard Features:

  • 2-4 Sensors
  • Backlit Display
  • High Speed thermal printer
  • CO sensor over-range protection
  • Data logging with SD/Multimedia card
  • On-board flow meter with digital read out
  • Data processing software with bluetooth
  • Operation manual and protective storage case
  • Measures O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and low NOx
  • Ambient and Flue gas temperature measurement
  • CO2, efficiency, losses, excess air, & O2 correction calculations
  • Thermo-electric gas cooler (Peltier) with automatic moisture removal
  • Optional Advanced DAS software for real-time data logging to a PC
Measurement (Key)
Sensor Type
Oxygen (O)
± 2% Measured 0.1% vol. 2 Years Electrochemical
Carbon Monoxide (C)
0-10,000 PPM
± 2% Measured 1 ppm 3 Years Electrochemical
Carbon Monoxide (V)
0-40,000 PPM
± 2% Measured 1 ppm 3 Years Electrochemical
Nitric Oxide (N)
0-4,000 PPM
± 2% Measured 1 ppm 3 Years Electrochemical
Nitrogen Dioxide (X)
0-500 PPM
± 2% Measured 1 ppm 3 Years Electrochemical
Gas Temperature
± 2% Measured 1°F 10 Years NiCrNi
Ambient Temperature
± 2% Measured 1°F 10 Years SemiConductor
± 40″ H2O
± 2% Measured 0.1 % H20 10 Years DMS
O2 Correction
0-20% Oxygen
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
0-CO2 max of fuel
Excess Air (Lambda)
1- infinity
*Accuracy: When calibrated prior to use per ECOM America, Ltd. specifications.
  • Instrument: 9.5″ tall (17.5″ tall with under case) x 16″ x 6.5″
  • Probe: 12″ Length x 3/8″ O.D. Inconel with pistol grip handle*
  • Sample Line: 15′ high temp flex hose with thermocouple wire*
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Batteries: 6-8 hour battery life, 6V lead-acid
  • Pump: Flow rate of 2-2.5lpm
  • Display: Backlit, adjustable contrast/zoom, (Displays all parameters simultaneously)
Operating Temperature:
  • Core temperature of the instrument is monitored continuously
  • Internal temperature compensation software assures accurate sensor response over the range of 20°F to 104°F

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