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H2 Scan HY-Optima 2740

H2 Scan HY-Optima 2740

The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series uses a solid-state, non consumable sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams. The H2scan thin film technology provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross sensitive to other gases. The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series is ideal for applications where real-time, hydrogen specific measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management. The 2710, 2730, 2740, and 2720 all measure varying ranges of hydrogen with additional parametric variances.

Our in-stock 2740 model measures a hydrogen range of 0.5%-100%.

– Explosion Proof In-line Area Hydrogen Analyzer

– Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C and D

– Solid-state sensor configured to operate in background gas streams

– Ideal for Hydrogen production and petrochemical applications where real-time

measurements of Hydrogen can increase process efficiencies



Technical Specifications

– Weight: 5 lbs.

– Dimensions: 5.4”(w) x 7.5”(h) x 5.7”(d).

– Adapter fitting: 3/4” Union Tee Compression

– Power: 90VAC to 240VAC, 15W

– Calibration Background Gas: Nitrogen

– Output: 4mA to 20mA

– Flow Rate:0.1slpm to 50slpm.

– Manufacture Ranges:0.5% to 100% Hydrogen at 1ATM

– Response Time: T90<60sec

– Operating Temperatures. -20OC to 55OC

– Response time: T90 < 60sec.

– Detection Limit: <0.5%

– Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% RH

-Process Gas Tolerance: CO up to 20% by volume

H2S up to 10% by volume

– Repeatability: + 0.2% absolute for 0.5-10% H2

+ 0.4% absolute for 10-100% H2

– Drift/Week: + 0.2% absolute for 0.5-10% H2

+ 0.4% absolute for 10-100% H2

– Linearity: + 0.2% absolute for 0.5-10% H2

+ 0.4% absolute for 10-100% H2


Common Applications Include:

– Refinery: Reforming, cracking, recycle, tail gas, fuel gas, flare gas and other multi-component process streams

– Natural Gas: H2 supplement to hydrocarbon measurement for complete natural gas or biomethane analysis

– Industrial Gas Supply: Air separation, syngas, steam methane reforming, and electrolysis process streams

– Petrochemical: H2 measurement in polymer feeds and flare gas process streams

– Manufacturing: Metals annealing, semiconductor, oil hydrogenation and fertilizer manufacturing process streams

CleanAir Spec Sheet
H2Scan Spec Sheet