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Inficon Thermal Desorber Sampling System

Inficon Thermal Desorber Sampling System

Trace Level Quantitative VOC Analysis

The Thermal Desorber Sampling System (TDSS) expands the air sampling sensitivity of the field-proven, person-portable HAPSITE ER Chemical Identification System. The accessory is easily attached to the HAPSITE ER Universal Interface for fast sample analysis utilizing the GC/MS or MS only. Small and lightweight, the Thermal Desorber (TD) sampling pump can go virtually anywhere and collect samples for a user-defined period of time, providing the utmost flexibility in detection and identification capabilities. The TDSS allows for the collection of trace level volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in multiple sampling locations for fast quantitative analysis right at the scene.

Inficon Thermal Desorber


  • Quickly analyzes samples collected from remote locations
  • Intrinsically safe sampling pump samples can be collected in potentially explosive environments
  • Optional person-portable sample pump can be worn for breathing zone monitoring
  • TD Survey analytes can be sent directly to the mass spectrometer, by-passing the gas chromatograph, for chemical identification in minutes
  • TD Quantitative methods included on HAPSITE ER
  • Sampling pump volume can be set from 20-225 ml/min

Brochure (English)
HAPSITE ER Accessory Brochure (English)
Manual (English)
HAPSITE Accessory Catalog 
Application Notes



L x W x D In. 7.5 x 3.6 x 2.9
Weight lb.1.2
Operating Temperature °C 5 to 45
Analytical Interface HAPSITE ER Universal Interface
Instrument Compatibility HAPSITE ER, only
Power Requirement (from HAPSITE ER) V (dc) 24
Battery (from HAPSITE ER) NiMH
Battery Life h 1 to 1.5
Carrier Gas Nitrogen (supplied by HAPSITE ER)
Operation Thermal Desorber Accessory Controlled by HAPSITE ER
Methods Quantitative GC/MS methods
Calibration Standard HAPSITE Internal Standard introduction capability
Thermal Desorption Tubes Glass, fritted ¼” (6.35 mm) O.D. x 3.5″ (89 mm) long Preconditioned and stored in a sealed storage container Adsorbents: Single and multi-bed Tenax® and Carbon adsorbents Sampling flow rate, typical range 10-200 ml/min
Thermal Desorption Parameters Temperature Range, 40-330°C Temperature Ramp, 1.0-1.5°C/sec Nitrogen carrier gas flow, 20 ml/min.
Safety LED indicator – Green – Thermal Desorption tube is <50°C and can be safely removed – Red (flashing) – Thermal Desorption tube is heated, >50°C, and must not be removed Thermal Desorber housing <80°C
Detection Limit PPT for most analytes
Thermal Desorber Sampling System Pump (optional)
Intrinsically Safe Intrinsically Safe Yes
L x W x D In. 4.5 x 2.2 x 1.4
Weight Lb. 0.3
Flow Rate mL/min 20 to 225
Flow Control Accuracy % +/- 5 set-point in constant flow mode after calibration
Typical Run Time Typical Run Time 12 h at 200 mL/min
Charge Time h 6
Operating Temperature °C 0 to 45

Spare Parts:
934-296-G1 Thermal Desorber Accessory, HAPSITE ER
934-450-P1 Ship Case, Thermal Desorber
934-709-G1 Thermal Desorber Pump Kit
934-467-P1 Sample Pump, Thermal Desorber
934-469-P1 Universal Battery Charger USB Kit
934-448-P1 Thermal Desorber Tenax Tube Kit
934-710-G1 Thermal Desorber Tube Kit
934-449-P1 Thermal Desorber Carbon Tube Kit

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