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JCT Heated Filter Probe

JCT Heated Filter Probe




JCT Heated Filter Probe

JCT Heated Filter Probe

The JES 300 series heated gas sample probes are designed for continuous use with extractive sampling systems-even where the sample contains dust, aerosols, water vapor and corrosive gases and in situations where the gas must be kept free of contaminants prior to hot analysis or sample conditioning. The JES 300 incorporates a non-corrosive heated, replaceable ceramic filter element with a filter porosity of 2 microns. The filter is mounted in an electrically heated, stainless steel housing. The filter housing is thermally insulated and enclosed in a weatherproof case. The JES 300 uses a microprocessor-based temperature controller. The temperature controller is user-selectable from 32 °F to 375 °F.

Part Number
Heated Filter Probe
Replacement 2 micron Silicone-Carbide filter element

The JES 300 Filter Probe Includes:

  • Filter Probe Assembly
  • Thermal-insulated enclosure with temperature controller
  • 2 ” FPT Mount
  • Power Requirement: 115VAC/60Hz
  • Weight: 25 lb
Weight11.339809 lbs
Dimensions17 × 21 × 15 in

JCT Heated Filter Probe, JCT Heated Filter Probe with Replacement 2 Micron Filter, Replacement 2 Micron Silicone-Carbide FIlter Element

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