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CleanAir Mobile FTIR (CEM) System

CleanAir Mobile FTIR (CEM) System


CleanAir®-Designed FTIR system for easy transport and setup. Extended-Duration remote sampling capable.  Data can be accessed remotely via a cellular modem or Ethernet connection.

Mobile FTIR (CEM) System


Automatic temperature monitoring of sample delivery system

The temperatures of all of the sample delivery system are monitored as well.  If a power outage or problem occurs then the sample will bypass the FTIR.

Optional auto-fill system for the liquid nitrogen-cooled detector provides up to 1 week of LN2. Automatic calibration checks are controlled with an ESC datalogger.

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CleanAir Engineering provides world-class service, support, and technical expertise alongside every instrument rental. All air monitoring equipment is inspected or calibrated before shipping from one of our four technical centers. Each rental includes additional accessories and components, providing added convenience and reliability to ensure the success of your project.