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CleanAir MET-80 Gas Sampling Module

CleanAir MET-80 Gas Sampling Module



MET-80 Gas Sampling Module with Mass Flow Meter

MET-80 GSM Features:

  • Located downstream from the Dual Scrubber Module
  • Contains two independent gas paths
  • Each path has two thermal mass flow meters (MFM’S)
  • High and low flow
  • Each sample pump is PTFE coated to avoid corrosion
  • Each path has an external membrane to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Each path has an internal filter for flow dampening

The use of mass flow meters, rather than the traditional dry gas meters, allow for quicker leak checks and calibration checks during the sampling event.  The low-level meter is used for normal monitoring operation that requires sampling rates of up to 400 cc/min, and the high-level meter is used for applicatiions that require sampling rates of up to 4,000 cc/min, such as may be needed for a Relative Accuracy Test Audit.

In practical applications, the full sampling range of the unit is 50 cc/min to approximately 1,800 cc/min, depending primarily on the pressure drop created by the sorbent traps.  Each flow meter has an independent solenoid valve for control of sample flow rate during monitoring.  A third solenoid control valve is used to adjust the system vacuum during leak checks.  The mass flow meters and solenoid valves for both sample paths are mounted on a flow manifold made from a single block of Kynar (PVDF).

Part Number
MET-80 Gas Sampling Module

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