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CleanAir Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Line

CleanAir Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Line



Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Lines

Method 30B Quad Heated Sample LinesThe Method 30B quad heated sample lines feature an electrically heat traced and 4 insulated 1/4″ PTFE ® PTFE  sample lines. Protected by a durable scuff resistant extruded polyurethane jacket.  The quad heated sample line is seperated into two heating zones.  The first zone is a self regulating 8 ft. section for the probe.  The second zone is a 30 ft. heated sample line controlled by the control console.  The method 30B heated line work with the Method 30B heated head and probe extension.  The heated sample line is controlled by the Method 30B control console.
Part Number
8′ Heated Probe with 30′ Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Line

Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Lines are used with:

Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Line Features:

  • Rated for 400 º F continuous operation at -20 º F ambient temperature
  • Lower resistance heaters requires less power to heat lines.
  • A backup type K thermocouple to prevent project delays in the case of primary thermocouple failure in the field.
  • Durable extruded poly-urethane jacket for protection of sample/calibration lines from abrasive failure in the field.
  • Inert PTFE ® PTFE sample and calibration lines will provide more accurate results by eliminating potential bias from other materials. PTFE is also more corrosion resistant than tygon, and can be washed with acetone without degradation.
  • *Custom lengths, voltage, and configuration available
  • Note: Manufactured to have a continuous operating temperature of 400°F (~204°C) at -20°F ambient temperature.

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