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Method 30B Probe

Method 30B Probe




Method 30B Quad Probe Assembly


Method 30B Quad Probe Assembly

Customize the Method 30B probe for heated or unheated setups.  Choose from a Method 30B quad heated head to an unheated head.  The sample umbilical can be a cold line or a Method 30B quad heated sample line depending on the stack parameters.  The Method 30B quad heated sample lines feature an electrically heat traced and 4 insulated 1/4″ PTFE ® PTFE  sample lines. Protected by a durable scuff resistant extruded polyurethane jacket.  The method 30B heated line and heated head is controlled by the Method 30B control console.

Part Number
Method 30B 6′ Probe Extension (Substitute 6 with desired Length in feet)
Method 30B Heated Quad Head
Method 30B Unheated Quad Head
8′ Heated Probe with 30′ Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Line
Method 30B Unheated Sample Umbilical
Weight9.071847 lbs
Dimensions7 × 99 × 5 in
Quad Head

Heated Head, None, Unheated Head

Probe Extension

2 Ft. Probe Extension, 3 Ft. Probe Extension, 4 Ft. Probe Extension, 5 Ft. Probe Extension, 6 Ft. Probe Extension, 7 Ft. Probe Extension, 8 Ft. Probe Extension, None

Heated Sample Line

25' Unheated Quad Umbilical, 30' Method 30B Quad Heated Sample Line, None

Crate Fee

Local Pickup, Shipping

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