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EPA Responses to Refinery Flare AMELs Hit Federal Register

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EPA today published their response to Alternative Means of Emission Limitation (AMEL) requests from four refineries and a chemical plant. These are: ExxonMobil (Baytown), Marathon (GBR and Garyville), Chalmette (Chalmette), and the chemical plant is LACC (Lake Charles).

Each of these facilities operates flares designed to work at exit velocities greater than those allowed under current EPA rules at 40 CFR 60.18 and 63.11. These facilities conducted extensive testing to determine that under the operating conditions specified in the AMEL request, the flares achieved VOC and HAP reductions as good as or better than what is required under the various standards that apply to them.

Under a framework established by EPA and published in the Federal Register on April 21, 2016, sources operating pressure assisted multi-point ground flares (MPGFs), may request an AMEL for exemption from the exit velocity requirements.

The CleanAir Flare Team has developed several of these AMELs for our refinery and chemical clients and also collected the data used to support them.

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