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Generating Reliable Gas Turbine Performance Data


There are many reasons to conduct a gas turbine performance test, including determining compliance with acceptance guarantees, establishing benchmarks for performance monitoring and power purchase agreements, and determining performance parameter corrections. Regardless of the reason, these test results need to be both reliable and defendable in order to make sound decisions.

CleanAir recently gave a presentation on gas turbine performance testing at the Western Turbine Users conference (WTUI). The presentation included information on gas turbine performance testing preparation, execution, instrumentation, correction methodology, and test uncertainty analysis.

Gas turbine performance test results are typically corrected to a reference condition for comparison to guarantees or for comparison to previous test results as part of a performance monitoring plan. The presentation begins with the recommended preparations and provides a high level overview of the basic test measurements and the common corrections that are applied to test results in order to calculate corrected gas turbine performance.

A pre-test uncertainty analysis is often completed to identify the most important test measurements that influence corrected gas turbine performance, which helps in the selection of appropriate test instrumentation. A post-test uncertainty analysis calculates the uncertainty of the corrected gas turbine performance based on the actual test conditions.

The presentation concludes with a comparison of the corrected gas turbine performance uncertainty using typical station instrumentation versus typical precision test instrumentation.

If you are in need of reliable, defensible performance data for internal benchmark testing, contractual acceptance, or even for dispatching, this presentation should help you feel more confident you are getting the best data possible. 

If you would like a copy of the full presentation, please click here.  Generating Reliable Gas Turbine Performance Data

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