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CleanAir Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line

CleanAir Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line



The CleanAir Tuff Guard heated sample line features a superior lightweight, rugged corrugated hi-tech Polyamide cover that helps prevent damage to the sample and calibration line. Designed to provide extended, trouble-free service for mobile CEMS testing. The sample line is electrically heat traced and insulated. Featuring 3/8″ PTFE sample line with a 1/4 PTFE calibration line, 3 pin Amphenol power connector, and 2 type K thermocouple plugs. Protected by a durable, crack-resistant, corrugated hi-tech Polyamide cover with a two-way breakout boot to seal sample and calibration lines. This high-performance jacket provides the heated sample line with superior abrasion resistance over concrete or gravel roads. It also helps prevent kinking when the heated line is routed over railings or a wall. This rugged heated sample line is able to withstand great strain without tearing, breaking or kinking and is very lightweight.

All of these heated sample lines (HSL) are manufactured with the following standard features: lightweight, high strength outer sheathing, armored end cap system, field-replaceable ends, multi-circuit heat tracing, 2X insulation, fire sleeve protection at sample end, and (3) multi-point strain reliefs. Clayborn Lab 100’ sample lines are able to achieve 0ºF to 400ºF while operating on a 120 VAC 20-amp circuit.

Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line Specifications

  • Sample Line: 3/8″ OD X 1/4″ IDHTD PTFE (Connected to Armored End Stainless Steel Fitting)
  • Calibration Line: 1/4″ OD X 1/8″ ID CAL PTFE (Connected to Armored End Stainless Steel Fitting)
  • Power: 120VAC (240VAC Optional)
  • Temperature: 204 C (~400 F), (2) K T/C CONTROL
  • Strain Relief: (3) STRAIN RELIEF & F/S SOCK @NON-LEAD END, 20A MAX

“Tuff Guard” Outer Sheathing Protection

The new “Tuff Guard” outer sheathing is 1/3 lighter, saving long term stress on fittings, components, and the backs of field techs. It also naturally provides a radius when bending or coiling making it virtually impossible to kink a hot PTFE line protected inside the sheathing. It is ideally suited for longer sample lines where weight and abrasive resistance are most important. Many failures occur from accidental abuse by kinking a hot PTFE line (causing a blockage) or damage to the ends causing leaks in line. Other failures occur over a long period of time by the constant weight of the Heated Sample Line inducing stress on components and fittings during normal set-up and tear down procedures.

High-Efficiency Multi-Circuit Heat Trace

Multi circuit heat tracing allows up to a 130’ HSL to start off at very cold ambient temperatures using a 120 VAC 20 amp circuit. As the line heats up and the copper alloys begin to degrade, the amp draw will fall from 19 amps down to 14-15 amps. When this takes place a second circuit kicks in and brings the line back up to 19 amps. This allows the heated sample line up to 130’ in length to achieve 0F to 400F temperature delta while operating on 120 VAC 20A circuit.

Built-in Strain Relief System

Tuff Guard Heated sample lines have a built-in strain relief system which consists of an aircraft grade cable loop that can be attached at multiple points to an internal nylon braid. It functions as an internal Kellum grip distributing the weight equally down the entire length of the sample line. Field techs can utilize the loop(s) when climbing ladders or hoisting/lowering the HSL to prevent stress or accidental damage to the sample line. The most common strain relief loop locations for RATA testing are at each end of the line with a 3rd loop located 8’ back from sample end of the line. The 3rd location enables the Field Tech to quickly secure the line while leaving 8’ of the Heated Sample Line free to move about the platform during set-up and testing procedures.

Field Replaceable Ends

The Heated sample lines incorporate an armored end cap system with field replaceable ends. This system allows you to quickly change out the end fittings at the job site. This new fastening system virtually eliminates the possibility of a leak occurring internally from behind the end caps.

Exceptionally Lightweight and Durable. Nominal Weights

  • 25 ft. at 12 lb.
  • 50 ft. at 22 lb.
  • 75 ft. at 32 lb.
  • 100 ft. at 42 lb.

Tuff Guard Heated Sample Lines are Used With:

Note: Standard Heated Sample Lines are manufactured to have a continuous operating temperature of 400°F (~204°C) at an ambient temperature of 0°F. Temperature Controller is needed to control temperature.

Heated Sample Line Features:

  • Rated for 400º F continuous operation at 0º F ambient temperature
  • Heavy Wall PTFE tubing (0.062″)
  • High-Efficiency Multi-Circuit heat trace for lower current draws
  • A backup type K thermocouple to prevent project delays in the case of primary thermocouple failure in the field.
  • Durable lightweight weather resistant “tough guard” corrugated hi-tech Polyamide cover protects heated sample line from tear, kinking and breakage.
  • Inert PTFE sample and calibration lines will provide more accurate results by eliminating potential bias from other materials. PTFE is also more corrosion resistant than tygon, and can be washed with acetone without degradation.
Part Number Voltage Watts Length/FT Amperage
0722-25 120 675 25′ Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line 5.63 Amps
0722-50 120 1350 50′ Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line 11.25 Amps
0722-100 120 2400 100′ Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line 20 Amps
0722-130 120 2400 130′ Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line 20 Amps
0722-200 240 4800 200′ Tuff Guard Heated Sample Line 20 Amps
0725RENT Universal Temperature Controller

Note: Manufactured to have a continuous operating temperature of 400°F (~204°C) at 0°F ambient temperature.

Custom lengths, voltage, and configuration available.

Material O.D. Wall Max Temp @ 72º F @ 200º F @ 400º F
PTFE 1/4″ 0.062 500º F 455 385 145
PTFE 3/8″ 0.062 500º F 230 195 75
Maximum Working Pressure (psig) at Given Operating Temperatures for Fluropolymer Tubes

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