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Aeroqual S500 Starter Kit

Aeroqual S500 Starter Kit


Portable and accurate real time air quality information made affordable.

The Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Starter) is for users who want an affordable set of tools to measure the common pollutants in ambient outdoor air. Designed for those that require a handheld device capable of measuring the main air pollutants in urban environments.

Select from either the S500 Indoor Starter Kit or the S500 Outdoor Starter Kit, or view other configurations.

The Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Starter) features Aeroqual’s proven Series 500 portable monitor that can be used to measure a range of pollutants by simply swapping the sensor heads for the pollutant you wish to monitor. Nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter are the three main air pollutants in urban environments. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM) is emitted directly by stationary vehicles and ozone (O3) is created when NOand volatile organic compounds (VOCs) combine in the presence of sunlight.  The health effects of these pollutants are well-documented. The Outdoor Starter Kit includes the following sensors: particulate matter (PM) sensor (PM2.5/PM10), two criteria pollutant gas sensors (NO2, O3), and a combined temperature and relative humidity sensor. For a full set of tools, including additional sensor heads measuring CO and VOCs, see the Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro). Now you can get a better understanding of the outdoor air using instruments tried and proven by researchers and air quality professionals around the world.

Part Number
  • Series 500 Monitor base including: LCD digital display, Lithium battery and charger, built-in data logger, monitor to USB cable, PC software.
  • Particulate Matter Sensor PM10 / PM2.5
  • Ozone Sensor 0-0.15ppm
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor 0-1ppm
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Small Carry Case


  • Easy-to-use air quality testing kit with everything required to get started measuring key outdoor pollutants
  • Series 500 monitor with inbuilt real-time data logger
  • Active fan sampling sensor heads (PM2.5/PM10, NO2, O3) ensure high accuracy measurements
  • Zero and span calibrate sensors in the field
  • Long life lithium battery technology
  • Connect direct to PC via USB
  • Free PC software (Windows 7 and above)


  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Outdoor air quality assessments
  • Educational learning tool
  • Checking pollution “hotspots”



Step 1 – Gather data

Use the monitor and interchangeable sensors to take spot measurements, or log data over time and space. The monitor is designed to fit comfortably in the hand and the long life lithium battery gives you a full day in the field.

Step 2 – Download data

Using the Series 500 model, connect to a PC and download your measurements using Aeroqual’s free software. From there, data can be exported to Excel. The Series 300 and 500 models can also output data directly via 0-5V and RS232.

Step 3 – Analyze data

Analyze your data to identify trends, discover leaks or pollution hotspots, or dive deep into the numbers for research. Data can be tagged to a location, and data is tied to the individual monitor ID. This makes large studies, involving multiple monitors and locations, easy to manage.

All sensors use active fan sampling

MeasurementsFormulaRange (ppm)AccuracyResolution (ppm)Sensor TypePart Number
AmmoniaNH30-100<±0.5ppm + 10%0.1GSESHENG
AmmoniaNH30-1000<±5 ppm +15%1GSSSHNH
Carbon DioxideCO20-2000<±10ppm + 5%1NDIRSHCD
Carbon DioxideCO20-5000<±20ppm + 5%1NDIRSHCE
Carbon Monoxide
(Leak Detector)
CO0-1000<±2ppm + 15%1GSSSHCO
Carbon MonoxideCO0-25<±0.5 ppm 0-5 ppm
<±10% 5-25ppm
Carbon MonoxideCO0-100<±1 ppm 0-10 ppm
<±10% 10-100ppm
ChlorineCl20-10<±0.02ppm + 10%0.01GSESHECL
FormaldehydeCH2O0-10<±0.05 ppm 0-0.5 ppm
<±10% 0.5-10ppm
HydrogenH20-5000<±10ppm + 10%1GSSSHHA
Hydrogen sulfideH2S0-10<±0.05 ppm 0-0.5 ppm
<±10% 0.5-10ppm
Hydrogen sulfideH2S0-100<±0.5 ppm 0-5 ppm
<±10% 5-100ppm
MethaneCH40-10,000<±20ppm + 15%1GSSSHMT
Nitrogen DioxideNO20-1<±0.02 ppm 0-0.2 ppm
<±10% 0.2-1 ppm
Nonmethane HydrocarbonsNMHC0-25<±0.1 ppm + 10%0.1GSSSHVN
OzoneO30-10<±0.01ppm + 7.5%0.01GSESHEOZ
OzoneO30-10<±0.1ppm + 15%0.01GSSSHOZG
OzoneO30-0.5<±0.008 ppm 0-0.1 ppm
<±10% 0.1-0.5 ppm
OzoneO30-0.15<±0.005 ppm0.001GSSSHOZU
OzoneO30-0.05<±0.002 ppm0.001GSSSHOZS
Particulate MatterPM with RH Correction0.001-1.000 µg /m3± 0.005 µg /m3 + 15 %0.001 µg /m3LPCSHPM
PerchloroethyleneC2Cl40-200<±5 ppm 0-50 ppm
<±10% 50-200 ppm
Sulfur DioxideSO20-10<±0.05 ppm 0-0.5 ppm
<±10% 0.5-10ppm
Sulfur DioxideSO20-100<±0.5 ppm 0-5 ppm
<±10% 5-100ppm
Volatile Organic CompoundsVOC0-2000<±0.2ppm + 10%<1000ppm: 0.1
>1000ppm: 1
Volatile Organic CompoundsVOC0-30<±0.02ppm + 10%0.01PIDSHVOC
Volatile Organic CompoundsVOC0-25<±0.1 ppm + 10%0.1GSSSHVM
Volatile Organic CompoundsVOC0-500<±5ppm + 10%1GSSSHVP
Sensor Types

  • GSE — Gas Sensitive Electrochemical
  • GSS — Gas Sensitive Semiconductor
  • LPC — Laser Particle Counter
  • NDIR — Non-Dispersive Infrared
  • PID — Photo Ionization Detector
Weight2.267962 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 5 in
Part Number
HHS500LMonitor base with lithium battery and power pack, alarms, datalogging and PC Software
HHTRHPlug-in temperature and RH sensor for Series 300, and 500 monitors
HHENCWater and dust proof enclosure for Series 300 and 500 for indoor use
ASR10Remote sensor kit for Series 300/500 to measure gas in a remote location
ASR13Remote sensor kit to measure gas in a remote location (NEMA 2/IP41)
ASR32Cigarette lighter adapter for handheld monitors (Lithium/NiMH compatible)
ASR33Bracket for wall-mounting handheld monitors
ASR36Replacement Lithium battery (blue) for handheld monitors
ASR40Protective carry case for a Series 300/500 monitor plus four gas sensor heads
ASR41Robust case with shoulder strap for Series 300/500 monitor plus eight gas sensor heads
ASR42Calibration accessory for handheld monitors

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